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Cleaning Your ‘House.’

Going about our daily lives we all pick up invisible bits of energy from other people, objects, and our physical surroundings.  Feelers (aka: Empaths) naturally accumulate more energy than Mundanes (aka: non-Empaths or non-Gifted).  One could say a Feeler is a magnet for negative energy.  The more Gifted one is, the bigger magnet they are and the more negative energy they attract and by extension, the more negative energy they become weighed down by.  Gifted or not, every person gives off and receives a certain amount of negative energy.  Consequently, I believe every person can benefit by cleansing their aura of the energetic dust they collect.  If you are Gifted, cleansing your energy is as necessary as the basic life necessities of food, water, exercise and sleep.

There are many different ways to cleanse the “energy dust and dirt” you acquire merely by going about your day to day life.  Cleansing baths (aka: “Spiritual baths”) are excellent.  But there will be times when you are not in a position to be able to take the time for the bathing ritual.  I am sure there are many quick fix methods that require no tools.  What follows is a method I developed.  It works wonderfully, takes only a few minutes, and can be done anywhere (even in the bathroom stall at work).

First let me explain the concept and then the method:  To me, every person is a house.  You have the front door, the sitting room or foyer, and then you have the hallway with doors on either side that lead to different rooms.
The sitting room/foyer is where other people come in–by invitation or brute force–and leave bits of themselves.  This is where energetic dust and debris collects.
Other people do not get to go down the hallway or into the rooms behind those doors.  Those rooms are different, secret parts of you.
Explanation of what’s down the hallway & what is inside the rooms on both sides of the hallway isn’t important here because the sitting room is the point of what I’m about to explain.
If you can visualize that sitting room.
When it’s clean, the walls are a bright yellow, there are two windows that allow the sun to shine in, and the front door that you can open.  The baseboards, the crown molding, window frames, and door are a bright white.  There is no furniture—just a clean, yellow-gold and white space with shiny windows that allow the golden light of God (by whatever name you call Him) to shine into your space.
SIDE NOTE:  For some reason, I’ve always only visualized two walls—one window on one wall and one window with the door on the other wall.  My hallway is always on an unseen wall that is opposite of where my door is.   As an oddity that also might interest some more detail-oriented readers–it feels like my front door faces South, my hallway faces North, and the wall with only a window on it faces West.  I don’t know if those directions are the actual directions or not but it does feel that way (to me) and the design of my foyer has always been the same.  And I have no clue why I placed the door, windows, and hallway in those directions, I just did it.
*** You can visualize your house however you want.  Feel free to change the design/set up of the foyer/sitting room to your personal preferences.  There is no way to go wrong here as long as there is at least a window and a door.  (And PS: Your hallway of rooms?  It is going to be there whether you realize it in the beginning or not; you’ll just feel it there even if you choose never to walk down the hallway and explore it.  Rather cool, if you think about it).

Now, when you open the front door to your house?  There is no earth, no ground, no grass.  It is as if your house is floating in the Ether (what you may call the Astral Plane).  Just outside of your door is God and the Angels with Their cleansing fire for anything you throw outside–including your body!
So those are the details and description of the sitting room of your house when it’s clean and clear of the dust and debris other people leave behind.

Now.  Imagine that same sitting room but with a layer of soot on the walls.  The sheer, gauzy white curtains on the windows have become dingy, grey and are pulled together; covering the glass so no sunlight is getting in.  The windows themselves have a layer of dust.  There’s dirt and other junk on the floor from other people tracking shit in and leaving it there for you (wasn’t that nice of them?).
That sitting room is gross and icky and represents you–your aura, your spirit–after coming into contact with all of the people, objects, and places who left residual negative energy.  Who can feel light, fluffy, and energetic with that shit covering the place?  How can you relax and feel happy there?  Furthermore, anything positive and good will be more likely to avoid coming to visit your house!

If you can visualize the sitting room when it’s clean and then when it’s dirty?  You’re doing really good!

Okay.  Explanation done, now for the fun part!
Any time you feel bogged down, dirty with the residue of other people’s energy and/or negativity, or in a generally pissy mood, you visualize cleaning your sitting room.

First:  You throw some light on that depressing, dank sitting room by visualizing shaking out the curtains.  Throw the clean, gauzy curtains open and see the sunbeams of light coming in.
* If you can actually see the golden beams/rays of light, that’s even better.  If you can’t visualize this much detail the first few times (or even the tenth time!), no biggie.  With each time you try, what you can “see” in your mind will become more and more detailed. So relax and keep at it!)

Second:  Visualize a straw broom.  You take the broom and brush off each wall in the room–visualize seeing the bright yellow of the walls beginning to show through with each downward swipe of your broom.  Brush off the baseboards, crown molding, and window frames and visualize the crisp white of each.

Third:  Your floor is now even more dirty because you have the dust from the walls, curtains, and windows along with the dust and trash that was covering the floor.  So visualize sweeping the floor with that broom.  Gather all of the dust and trash into a pile.   If you can visualize the grey fuzzies, the brown dirt, the bits of black mixed in and see it all clearly in that pile, even better.  Again, if you can’t see it all clearly—practice, you’ll get there.

Fourth: Open your front door that leads out to God and the Angels (where that cleansing fire is and where nothing ugly or negative can exist).  Take your broom and “flick” the pile of nasty debris out the front door—watch the pile spark, catch fire, and disappear.

Fifth: Close that front door and take a deep breath knowing you are clean and free of the dirt others tried to leave at your house.

Your foyer is clean again!  Good things want to visit you!  You feel hopped-up, full of energy!  You’re thinking clearly again and can focus on tasks at hand, if need be!
Yay YOU!

Here is an extra step I sometimes take that is NOT necessary for you:  After I sweep that pile of dirt out and watch it go up in flames, I step out of my front door and stand in the Ether.  I raise both of my arms to either side, tilt my head back and visualize a bolt of white and gold light entering my forehead and traveling through my torso and all of my limbs.
* Whether I end my house cleaning with this extra step or not is never a conscious decision I make.  Some times I just do it and other times I don’t.  My theory is that my Spirit knows whether or not I need this and just acts (or doesn’t, as may be the case).
** After I take this extra step, there is always a feeling, a picture, and an action that happens TO me that I will not share here.  I will not share it because it is deeply personal to me and, because I am interested to see if you have a similar experience when/if you try this extra step.  If you do have something occur to you with this extra step, if you could leave a comment without leaving any details of what you experienced, I’d appreciate it and consider it your payment to me for sharing my method with you.

*** Happy House Cleaning!!! ***


Me & My Beliefs:

For the curiosity seekers, this is just a bit of info about me and my beliefs; relevant to this blog:

  • I was born with several psychic Gifts.  I am: Claircognizant, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Empathic and I am a Medium.  I can also do something that I call “body scanning” where I can view a person head-to-toe for injuries (old & new), medical issues, and deficiencies.
    ** I am told it is not “normal” to have all of the aforementioned Gifts but, hey–it is what it is.  So if you happen to think I’m extra weird?  I’m cool with that.  Besides which, I tend to think everyone else is strange in their own way, too!
  • I speak to Angels.  They have been with me throughout my life.  They are my companions and friends and the only constant in my life.
  • I do give readings but I do not give readings here.  Nor am I here to gain clients.  So please do not ask me for readings.  (I don’t say this to offend anyone; I’m only mentioning this point because some people email and ask me.)
    ** I do not want this blog to be about me.  I’m only here to anonymously impart any information others might find helpful.  If someone ends up finding out who I am, cool, but that’s not why I’m here.
  • I have been performing Magickal Rituals (aka: Spells) for about three decades.  I love magick.  It definitely works!
  • Through trial and error, I know the benefits and the dangers of things both metaphysical and magickal.
  • When it comes to religion, I believe there is some truth in almost all religions and therefore, I do not believe in limiting myself by adhering to any man’s idea of what I should and should not do or believe.  I’m not here to please man.  Per my beliefs, as long as I keep my focus on God, honor Him, and do only what feels right in my spirit and soul, all is well.
  • There is a Supreme, Divine Entity running this place we call Earth.  I call that Supreme, Divine Entity “God.”  You may know Him by a different name.  Cool.  I don’t know if I’m right or if you are, but, I guess we’ll be finding out after our Transition, yeah?
    ** As long as we do not get caught up in labels and names, we will learn something from each other and be better, more informed people for it, yeah?
  • I am Roman Catholic.  Yes, I attend Mass (and I am just in love with the Holy Trinity).  I also perform rituals (spells).  I also have what some people call “New Age” beliefs about the metaphysical realm because of who I am, all that I’ve personally experienced, and what I’ve seen.
    ** Since most people are more comfortable with labels, I normally tell people I’m a “New Age Catholic” and that seems to clarify…something for them (although I’m not sure what that something is, lol).
  • I believe God created all of the Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit).  As I am His child and each of those Elements exist within me and in the world He created, those Elements are at my disposal to use or not.
    * In the rituals I perform, I mix my Christian-Catholic beliefs with what some would term as Wiccan practices and beliefs.  There are people from both sides of the aisle who would take issue with me combining the two but this works well for me.
  • I fully understand and believe we humans create our lives and our realities.  And just for the record–all of that Law of Attraction stuff?  It’s been around at least a couple thousand years.  It is not a new concept; though there are those who would have you believe differently for their own gain…
  • I believe everything in the world is Energy.  If you understand this concept, you can bend, mold, and shape your life for your benefit by directing Energy.

Now.  For the sake of any sensitive people who might be easily offended, you should probably also know:

  • I am blunt-spoken, often sarcastic, and I tend to find humor in everything (including myself!). I’ll be the first to laugh at the weirdness that is normal life for me.
  • I also curse a bit, drink a couple of times a year, and smoke a bit, too.
  • Since I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to what other people think of me, it’s pretty hard to offend me.  So saying: Feel free to correct me if you think I’m wrong, I rather like it.  And if you’re going to try to offend me, try harder than you normally would.  Innuendo often escapes me.  So, maybe tell me you’re insulting me?
  • I’m very down to earth and I don’t do the whole Woo-Woo Spiritualist thing.  What is the Woo-Woo Spiritualist thing?
    Well, you’ve seen those people who always act very serious, pious and lofty because they have some Gifts and some knowledge?  Like they’re more important because of the Gifts and knowledge; so you should treat them as you would the Pope or the Dalai Lama?  Yeah, no.  I’m the opposite.
  • I also don’t do the one-upmanship games some spiritual, psychic, or ritualists do.  There will be no “Well, I learned this from Master So-and-so” (so there!) or, “I was a student of the Dalai Lama” (so bow down peasant!).
  • The only things I take seriously are the Angels, the Holy Mother, and the Holy Trinity.  So no talking shit on any of the former.  Everything else is up for grabs.
  • Lastly, if those with a serious mindset view my language and attitude as irreverent and do not believe I take the subjects spoken of on this blog seriously enough?  Well,
    A.) God has an over-developed sense of humor and so do I,
    B.) Relax.  There are no bonus points for taking everything so seriously,
    C.) Learning should be fun,
    D.) You might just want to x-out of this blog because it’s doubtful I have anything to teach you and it is highly doubtful–improbable even–that I will change my ways due to put-downs you have for me.

On your quest for knowledge you will hear many things from many people.  Some of these people are aligned with Truth and some are not.   Some of the information you find will directly contradict what you thought you already knew (or what you just read yesterday!).

With the computer age, there is a lot of information and misinformation out here for you.  So.  How do you know what to believe and what not to believe?  What’s right and what’s wrong?  What is harmful and what is helpful?  Well…my best advice is: If you listen to the voice inside of you, you’ll know.  No one knows what information you need, for the stage you are in (on your quest), better than your internal guidance system.

Whenever one is presented with Truth, one just...knows.  It just resonates inside of a person–almost as if that person’s soul is whispering to them, “there!  keep going that direction!”

I always tell my clients:  Never read just one book, or one blog, or listen to only one audio CD and form your life around that one author’s beliefs/belief system. Always take any information you gain from one person, and continue to seek out more information from other sources. No one human is the absolute authority though you will encounter many who will claim to be the one and only expert you should follow and listen to (coincidentally, society calls the more radical of these experts “cult leaders.”).  So be open to learning anything of import from each person you encounter.  Take in the bits and pieces someone offers that align with your Truth.  Thank and Bless the one who shared with you and keep traveling; seeking more knowledge elsewhere.

For those who really only want to jump into doing spells, astral travel, and the like without spending time learning the basics?  Well, first of all, you worry me.  You worry me because you remind me of me!  I have never been a rule-follower and I rarely read the fine print before jumping (because that’s just so damned boring, yeah?).  And being that I am a leap-before-I-look type of person, I’ve made some major FUBARs that took a lot of effort, upset, and help to clean up (and I won’t even go into the whole possessed-thing that lasted almost two years…).

Second, depending upon an individual’s personal level of power, if one tries to run without learning to walk first?  Well, that person is in for a shit-ton of freaky FUBARs.  Meaning: if you read the instructions for astral travel and try it before you’ve learned to ground and protect yourself, you can not only do damage to your spirit but, you can also harm your physical body (betcha didn’t know that, huh?).  And, if you decide to work a ritual (spell) without learning about grounding, protecting, cleansing, and a host of other no-no’s regarding spell casting, you could very well end up with the opposite results of what you were wanting to accomplish, and, you could end up with some nice, sweet chaotic and evil spirits who refuse to go away.

So, pretty please?  Even though it’s boring and not as much fun?  Learn the basics first.  The basics include learning to visualize and learning cleansing rituals and protection rituals.  I say these are ‘basics’ because you can’t do yourself any harm by practicing anyy of the aforementioned.  And working on visualization, cleansing, and protection is beneficial because it helps you become comfortable with everything you will do in the future that is complicated (and that could get messy!).  Even if you forget some steps, aren’t very focused, or totally concentrating, you really can’t mess up a cleansing or protection ritual.  The cleansing and protection rituals are essential for any spiritual or magickal endeavor.

To end and to ALL:  Always do research before you start any magickal or metaphysical rite.  Never let anyone talk you into doing something you are not completely comfortable doing!  Always listen to that internal voice you have that guides you.  Never let someone’s Ego convince you that you are “less than” others when it comes to metaphysical or magickal workings.  Ego has no place here.  Meaning:  If someone tries to tell you they are much further along in doing something than you are?  Cool.  That’s them.  You just do you; at your speed! Do not let their boasting (and that’s really what it is!) goad you into doing something that you’re either not ready for or that’s not right for you!  And for the love of all that is Holy, if you have any questions–ASK!  If you have asked the same question four times and yet you still have questions?  Well then ask a fifth time.  Anyone who would make you feel bad for repeatedly asking the same question is not someone who has anything to teach you.

If any information you come across feels “wrong” to you?  Well, it probably is wrong; in whole or maybe just wrong for you, personally.  So saying, if the information in the articles I write does not ’resonate’ with you, then the information I have to give is not for you.
And that’s okay.
There is nothing wrong with you, nor is there anything wrong with me.  It just means we are traveling different roads.  Do not stop your travels.  Do not stop seeking information and answers that resonate with you.  Your Truth will present itself.

To begin, I need to point out that I’ve never read any books on Automatic Writing.  Neither have I read any blogs, nor have I had any type of formal training regarding them.  So saying, what I call an Automatic Writing Reading (AWR) may be vastly different from those who have written books on the subject and/or who formally teach the subject.  So be it.

The only thing I do know for sure about my method is that it works.  Not only does this work for me, but for various clients, family and friends to whom I’ve given these instructions to over the years.  Some of the aforementioned were psychics with training, some were people who thought they might have some psychic ability (but didn’t know for sure), and then some were just people who were interested, but had no clue if trying my method would even work for them.  Regardless of where you fall in the spectrum, I can tell you that thus far, every single person I gave these instructions to has had success (not to mention some very bizarre and eye opening experiences, lol…).

Okay.  Let’s get started.
What exactly is an AWR?  To me, this is sitting before a blank piece of paper with pen in hand or before a blank word document on a computer.  You stare off into space, ask your deity a question you want answers about.  Then, whatever word, picture or feeling pops into your head–no matter how bizarre–you write/type the word, group of words, and/or description of the picture/feeling.
You continue to write words until no more words come to you.
When you are done writing/typing and read over what you wrote, you will be able to see that coherent sentences, thoughts, ideas, and pictures were formed.  Even more interesting, you will see these sentences have specific meaning to you!
Some people choose to ask specific questions while others just say, “What do you want me to know?”

Here are my steps:
1.  Find a quiet place; no distractions.  The less physical items you have to distract you (books, pictures, toys, knick-knacks) the better.
2.  Find a ‘focal point.’  A focal point is an object you can look at or ‘zone out on’ while you are writing or typing.  I tell people the easiest focal point is a candle flame.  So light one and set it at least 4-5 feet away from you.  (I’ll talk more on different focal points later).
3.  Open a blank word document on your computer.  If you can’t type, then use a piece of paper and a pen.  Typing is better for a variety of reasons.  So if you are able to type at all without having to look at the keys, I’d suggest typing.  Type as slowly as you need to and don’t worry over misspelling words; this isn’t a typing test.
4.  Type out the date at the top of the document, skip a line, and type out your question.  Simple questions are best.
*  For beginners, I always say to start simple; don’t ask any long, convoluted questions.  Also, beginners find that specific questions are better for them.  I’ve been doing this for twenty-plus years, so a lot of times, I’ll ask “What do you want me to know?”  And that will be my only question.  But that’s just me.  I have a very simplistic life with very few questions about what’s coming for me in the future.
5.  Position your body: Legs uncrossed.  Hands on ‘home row’ (if you’re using a computer keyboard).  Take 3 deep ‘meditative’ breaths while focusing your eyes on your chosen focal point.
6.  Verbally (out loud) ask the question you already typed out.
*  The reason for speaking out loud is that the spoken word is powerful.
7.  Start writing.  Whatever word, or group of words, come into your head, write it down.  It doesn’t matter what the word is, or what the group of words are, type it.  Don’t think about the word, don’t sit there marinating on it and go, “peanut?  Why’d I hear the word ‘peanut’??  If you stop and focus on the weird/bizarre words you heard, you’ll lose part of the reading!
*** With each word or group of words, you will feel a brief ‘pause.’  This is the time to go to the next line down for the next word/sentence you hear.  Don’t worry if you don’t hear or feel a pause.  If you find you end up with one big paragraph of what initially looks like gibberish-y words thrown together, that’s fine.
8.  Continue to write the words, groups of words, descriptions of pictures and feelings as long as you keep hearing words or seeing pictures.  Once you ‘feel’ a long pause–without any more specific words coming to you–that question has been answered.  If you have more questions, leave a line in between the last words you wrote and you new question.  Type in the next question, go back to step #5 and start again.
*** IMPORTANT:  IF you have more than one question, DO NOT go back and read what you typed out on the first question until you have completed your automatic writing on ALL of your questions!!!  Some people get so curious and excited, they want to go back and read what they wrote.  This is a no-no.  Why?  Because from the time you begin focusing on that candle and type your first word, you’re brain is switching gears.  You’re going from Beta waves (alert/working) to Alpha or Theta (relaxed/meditative).  You want your mind to stay in that ‘zoned out’ place because that is where the true automatic writing reading comes from.  If you take the conscious action of going back over what you typed for the first question, you ‘jerk’ your brain back into the Beta state which is a high alert state.  Once someone ‘jerks’ their mind from a relaxed, meditative state back into the real conscious world, it is more difficult to get back to the relaxed, meditative state you were lulled into while doing the automatic writing.
** This is also the reason why you should have prepared for your session by figuring out what questions you wanted to ask before you began doing your automatic writing for the first question!
9.  After typing out the complete answer to your last question, you’re done!  NOW feel free to look at what you wrote!  Not all that you write will make sense to you at that time.  Heck, most of what you write won’t make sense to you directly after you write it, but save the document so that you can refer back to it.  It is not uncommon for this reading to be the answer to situations that occur a month or more later (and then, if you look back at what you wrote, you’ll find you wrote out the answers a month or three months before it ever happened!)
10. Save your work.  If you lose the work, you may get answers again, but they won’t be the exact same answers.  They never are.  I’ll talk more about this later, b/c talking about it now would only confuse you.
** In saving your AWR’s–I always tell people to create a folder just for their automatic writing readings.  If you know you’re going to be doing this on an ongoing basis, this is an especially good idea!!  Title the folder anything you want, but when you save your reading, save it by the date (ie: 110911, 121711, etc).  This is so that when you go back to look at the readings, you can choose which reading to open by the date that’s listed as the file name–you won’t have to ‘hunt’ for a specific reading that was around a certain time frame you’re interested in, because all of the file names are the date the reading was conducted.    For anyone who is writing out their auto-writing readings via pen & paper, do it in a notebook that is used only for these readings so it will end up being like a diary.

Here is a link to an example of an old automatic writing reading that I did, so you can get a visual idea of what one will look like

Here is a link to an entry that lists just the steps with no explanation, so that you can see the steps without the long explanations in between.

I’m also going to do another entry on some extra tips about Automatic Writing Readings, but I’m too tired to do it tonight, so I’ll put it up later in the week.  The extra tips aren’t essential to you being able to do you test run on an AWR, they are just tips that people may want if they are going to be doing AWR’s on a regular basis.

Have Fun!!

This is a ‘just the facts’ entry on how to do what I call an Automatic Writing Reading (AWR).  I only wrote this as a quick view, or short printable guide, for people who have read the explanation and understand the ‘how to’ portion of the program, but do not have the steps memorized.

If you are on this page but haven’t read the blog entry with the detailed explanation of what I consider to be an AWR, you would be much better served by going to that entry first.  It has all of the steps listed below, but also gives an explanation of each step, along with a tip or two regarding the steps.
Here is a link to Detailed Explanation on AWRs

** The more detailed entry also advises that this is just my version of what an AWR is–I am by no means an authority on the subject, nor do I even know if the method I use is actually correct when it comes to the real definition of an AWR.  I only know the method I use works, and I call it Automatic Writing because that is how I view what I do when I use the steps below.

Here are my steps:
1.  Get some place quiet, no distractions.
2.  Find a ‘focal point’ somewhere in the room you are in.
3.  Open a blank word document on your computer.  **If you can’t type, then use a piece of paper and a pen.
4.  Type out the date at the top of the document, skip a line, then type out your first question.
5.  Look at your focal point as you take 3 meditative breaths, (in through nose, out through mouth).
6.  Verbally (out loud) ask the question you typed out.
7.  Start typing.  Whatever word comes in your head, put it on paper, along with every word, picture of feeling you get thereafter.
8.  Continue to write until you don’t hear any more words. Once you ‘feel’ a long pause without any more specific words coming to you, that question has been answered.
9.  If you have more questions, hit enter twice to skip a line, type in the next question, and start at step #5 again.
10. After your last question has been answered, you’re done!  NOW you can look at everything you wrote.
** Remember to save the file so you don’t lose your work!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.  I love hearing about peoples first experience with this!  Not only do I get a kick out of the different reactions, but I also get so excited when people discover something new (and fun) that they never thought they could do!

So if and when you decide to try this, I’d love, love, love to hear back from you on your experience!

This is so you can have a visual example of an Automatic Writing Reading (AWR).
After the AWR example, I made some notes that go hand-in-hand with the example.  The notes have you referring back to different portions of the example and are to help make the explanations in the ‘How To‘ blog entry on AWRs more clear.  For me, it is always easier to grasp a concept if I have a visual example along with a written explanation.  Example: 

Sound rude
You wil lose much
Keep counsel
Wise words
They come
Noone knows
be as a squirrel
gather self
You don’t know road.
Keep faith, see much
Hold words back.
Those who will rise up will fail against you
Much is discovered
Ill thoughts ill deeds ill alliance (**saw a picture of two wolves hunting. Snow on the ground, trees around but only see the trunk–dark tree trunks.  Wolves are searching??  Feels like the wolves are searching for me, maybe??  They are definitely on the hunt for something! But I feel like I’m hidden from them even though I am close to where the wolves are walking.  Wolves are black or very dark in color).
No purchase against you
We see thy distraught mind
Walk in faith
The man who calls himself gold will fail
fall off his horse
Know this.
It will keep thee warm in days of sorrow
don’t talk
No one listens anyway, do they?
You will know the time to act.  Until then, be silent.
Take when time is ripe.
Do not dally or all will be lost.
Heed these words. You are marked for glory.
A bright path will come to thee.
They cannot put asunder what we have built though they will try
(***End of AWR answers here***)

Now.  This is part of an actual reading I did for myself many years past.  I cut & pasted the question and answer straight from my saved document.
Here is some personal info on me that relates to the AWR example above, so you can see just how much this particular AWR predicted:
At the time I did this AWR, I was working for a government organization.
I did the reading in early October.   In the last week of October, a new supervisor was thrown into my unit with no notice to anyone.  He had golden-blond hair & in March of the following year, during one of the times he threatened me, he actually said the words, “I’m the (head honcho’s) golden boy.  You want to complain, go ahead…” (refer back to: ‘the man who calls himself gold..“)
Within a month of Blond dude being my supervisor, I realized he didn’t like me, but neither I, nor any other member of the unit, could figure out why.  I hadn’t even known him before he came to my unit.  I was one of the top investigators in our agency and in my field, but this guy was constantly telling me how inept I was even though he had never even been an investigator.  It was weird.
By January, I started realizing that Blondie, along with the other supervisor in my unit (who had never had a problem with me before), were trying to get me fired.  Blond supervisor didn’t care who knew that he wanted me gone; he was just that blatant.  Those two supervisors were so focused on finding something to get me on, it was just …wild.   They ended up being partially successful; I transferred to another unit.  I left that agency two years later on my own terms.  As to the reasons why Blondie hated me–I later found out that he disliked women and he hated women who were outspoken, blunt and ‘aggressive’, even more.  And yes, I am very much a plain spoken person and no, I rarely held my tongue when I saw something was wrong.  The field I was in could be considered ‘aggressive’ by nature and very few women do that job.  There hasn’t been another female under Blondie’s supervision since I left his unit almost a decade ago.  So there ya go *shoulder shrug*.

*** What’s so bad is–the Angels had warned me of what would happen to me via this AWR before I ever even met Golden Boy.  Had I just went back and read this reading when “golden boy” first became my supervisor, those ‘wolves’ never would have even had the partial success they had.  It was my own lax attitude toward the AWRs and my over-confidence about my status and job security that allowed those supervisors the opportunity to harm me to begin with.  I’d been doing these AWRs for so long that sometimes, I would just do one, save it, and never even read what I wrote.  lol @ myself…I didn’t even think to look at any of my readings until after I was already in the middle of events that I no longer had the power to stop, even if I wanted to.  Hindsight is so 20-20!
So learn from my mistake–If you’re going to do an AWR, take time to dissect it, figure out different possible meanings, and then remember it for when it becomes relevant in the future!

I’m not going to put the whole reading out there, but with the info I gave on myself, you can go back through the auto reading and see where I was warned.  Pretty cool, huh?

Now, here are some other things to note about the AWR question and answer above:
* Notice that I addressed my question to the Angels.  This is just my personal preference.  The Angels talk to me (even when I don’t listen, lol) and the readings I give clients are done by going through the Angels.  Whatever your belief system is, address your question to that entity.  If you do not wish to ask another entity, you can say “Higher Self, what do you want…”.  If you do not know what a Higher Self is, it is your direct, personal telephone line connecting to the Supreme Being within your belief system.

*  Notice that some of the words are not actually spelled correctly in the AWR–like when I wrote “oar.”  The only word I initially heard was “oar” so I didn’t know if the Angels meant “oar”, as in a boat oar, or if they meant ‘or’, as in, this or that.  But you can see where the words “dont bee oar Sound rude You wil lose much” ended up making a coherent sentence when put together, even though it was 5 different lines in the AWR.  So this is what I meant when I was telling you not to worry if a strange/bizarre word popped into your head and to just write it down when you hear it and then move on–b/c it will make sense later.

* Notice that some of the words are misspelled.  And that’s okay.  No points are deducted for bad grammar or misspelled words.

* Notice that there are periods at the end of some words/lines but not at others.  I have no clue what this means nor do I know why that happens, but it always does.  The same thing happens with what appears to be random capitalization of words, apostrophes in words like “don’t” and with misspellings.  It’s one of my unique, individual patterns.  The more you do AWRs, you will notice that you have individual patterns and oddities, as well.

* Notice that some of the words are no longer in use in the 21st century unless we are performing a Shakespearian play–like thee, thy, or thou–and that’s okay too.  It’s also kinda cool when it happens, because that is pretty much irrefutable proof that you didn’t make up the reading that you ended up writing out.

* Notice the words I put in parentheses.  Here’s why:  because the automatic writing comes to you ‘automatically,’ without your conscious help, all of the words on the page are not really yours.  Those words belong to your Angels, your guides, or whatever deity you call upon to answer your questions for the automatic writing reading.  Even your ‘Higher Self’ would be considered a separate entity since it is separate from who you are (and what you know) consciously.  So when I want to add a personal conscious note, I put it in parentheses; that way, when I go back over the reading months or years later, I know what the Angels said, versus what I added in to the reading.

* Notice that the words in parentheses are actually the description of a picture that flashed before my mind’s eye as I was writing out the group of words next to where the parentheses start.  Some people will have pictures flash in their mind while doing these type of readings for themselves and others won’t.  If you do not get any pictures, don’t worry about it!  It could be because you’re not relaxed and/or experienced enough to realize the picture you saw, or it could be that you are more of an audio-type person, in which case you will always hear the words, but will never see them (different strokes, different folks, don’t stress over it).

* Notice that inside those parentheses, along with describing the picture, are the words “it feels …”.  That is because when I was seeing the picture, I felt those feelings in regards to some parts of that picture.  If you get feelings, regardless of what the feeling is, write it down.  So saying, if the word “storm” pops into your head, and as you are typing out the word ‘storm,’ you get a quick feeling of sadness, write down, “storm” (for some reason, when I heard this word, I felt sad).  After doing so, move on; wait for the next word or group of words to come and keep writing!

* Notice that the predictions you are given in AWRs are not plain-spoken, blunt warnings.  There is no, “there will be a blond man named _____ who will become your supervisor.  He is a petty man with a large ego and is the brother-in-law of the head of your agency.  He hates women and feels the need to compete with you.  He will try to get you fired just to show you and everyone else who is king of the hill!”
Yeah….those kind of blunt, lay-it-all-out-for-you answers are rare.  If you get one (and I have, rare though it’s been), pay the hell attention to it!!!  Now.  With this answer that I got from the Angels in the above example, had I been paying attention to what They were telling me, or had I even read over the reading after I wrote it (rather than just save the docu and close it out), I would have seen that there were some things I needed to ask another question about.  You can do that.  If, after going through your reading, you find you have a question about the answer, formulate your question to ask for details and start the AWR process all over.  I can tell you that doing another AWR to ask questions about answers is something that is better undertaken after you have some experience in AWRs.  Why?  B/c in doing AWRs, you unconsciously form a habit of being able to relax into that meditative state I was talking about–the state where you are not actively thinking, so the words that come forth for you to write down come from that Higher Source.  Because it is possible for you to consciously tell yourself words, but if you follow the steps I gave in the other entry, after doing a few AWRs, you’ll be able to tell the difference in when it’s you telling you to write down the word, and when the word just popped in your head out of the blue, with no help from your conscious mind.

Okay!  That’s all the “notices” I have to give you on the example.  I hope you’ve found them interesting and helpful!!  Please feel free to write to me any questions or comments you have.  I am always happy to help!
Peace & Grace to You!

oh, p.s.–in the example above, part of the answer was that I could take action if I wanted to.  If you’re at all curious (as I always am!), the action I could have taken was to sue the agency and the individuals for discrimination and harassment.  It was a clear cut case & all but one of the guys in my unit took me aside at different times to tell me that not only should I sue, but that they’d testify on my behalf.  (you think that was the Angels trying to show me the times when I would ‘know to act’?  I do.  There were other signs too, but those were pretty blatant signs).  Also, the bright light spoken of in the answer–I left the agency to pursue the spiritual work I do full time.  And no, they didn’t break me, though they damn sure tried, so the last line in the answer that says they cannot break what the Angels have built, was also correct.
So very interesting it all is, huh?

The correct title of this book is ‘Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.’
I just shortened it for easier reading in the side tab of my blog.

This book is what I consider to be my ‘herb bible.’ Although Cunningham’s book is not the only book I use, it is by far the one I use most when determining which herbs I’ll use as I prepare for a ritual. This may be redundant information for some but if you did not know: different rituals require the use of different herbs or resins.

Some herbs are more powerful for one ritual, whereas that same herb may be detrimental to another ritual. Even if it is a love spell, the same herbs would not always be used. In choosing the best herbs/resins for a love spell, considerations would include: the astrological signs of the people involved, the depth of the relationship prior to casting, the mentality of the people involved, the availability of the people involved, external interferences or influences, and so on.

I consider this an excellent source on herbs for practitioners of magick. I would especially recommend this book for anyone who may be just beginning their magickal journey. Not only is this book a good source for the magical uses of herbs and resins, but it also contains valuable appendices–sort of like cheat sheets!

I have always liked Cunningham’s writing style. He tells you exactly what is, and is not, possible with magick. He gives it to you straight; no sugar coating, no mumbo-jumbo. I like that in a person and like it even better when I find it in an author.

The first couple of chapters of the book are spent explaining how to “charge” herbs for ritual use, basic procedures for rituals (the altar, visualization, preparation for the ritual) and how timing effects a ritual.
The main portion of the book is in an A to Z reference regarding the magickal uses of herbs and resins. After the explanations of the herbs are the appendices. The appendices include: when to use which herbs, planetary rulers and a list of herbs ruled by each planet, elemental rulers and a list of herbs ruled by each element, colors and the best colors to use in a ritual, and magickal properties of oils. There is even a cross reference for the Folk names of the herbs.

Here is an example of the detail given regarding herbs (this is taken word for word from Cunningham’s book):

(Cedrus libani or C. spp.) Leaf, berry: P
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Powers: Healing, Purification, Money, Protection
Magical Uses: The smoke of the cedar is purifying, and also cures the predeliction of having bad dreams. Twigs of the cedar are burned and smouldered, or made into incense. To heal head colds, they are placed upon the hot rocks in sweat baths for purification by some American Indians.
Cedar hung in the home protects against lightning strikes. A cedar stick carved into three prongs is placed prongs up into the ground near the home to protect it against all evil. A piece of cedar kept in the wallet or purse draws money, and cedar is used in money incense. Cedar is added to love sachets and is burned to induce psychic powers.
(*Note: Juniperus verginiana is often used in place of cedar).

Each herb and resin found in this book contains the same wide range of information. Although it is not a complete book of herbs, it is pretty darn close! There have only been one or two times–that I can remember–where I have gone to this book to search for a particular herb’s uses and the herb wasn’t listed. Being that I have been performing rituals for around two decades, that’s pretty good!

If you can find it, buy it. You will not be disappointed!

Oh, one last thing–like other works by Cunningham, this book was published by Llewellyn Publications. You might be able to find it via their website. Here is a link to Llewellyn: Llewellyn
***If you do not mind a used copy, you could always try eBay, Amazon or another business where used books can be purchased.

(pronounced: kas-kah-ree-ya)

I am always surprised how many practitioners of magick are not aware of this awesome stuff because it is so useful in protection, purification and cleansing rites. I look at it as an essential weapon in my arsenal.

The only way someone might have issues with using Cascarilla would be if they are strict Vegans and do not like to even touch any animal byproducts.

Cascarilla is powdered egg shell.  The shells are so finely ground that it feels as soft as baby powder.  Some of the more dedicated ritualists make their own cascarilla but doing so is a lot of work and the process of making it creates a mess that is hard to clean up!  If you would rather buy your cascarilla, you’ll find it at any Botanica and in most stores that cater to New Agers and Magick practitioners.  You will usually find it sold packed into what I call a “ketchup cup.”  When removed from the cup, it maintains it’s cup form and can be used as one would use a soft piece of chalk.  Or, if mixed with water, you will find that the soft-chalk dissolves easily with no residue left behind.

Cascarilla repels negative energy, and the vibration of negative energy.

Different uses:
1.  Purification baths.  See description of one such bath here: Bath for Purification

2.  As a piece of chalk to draw sigils, and circles of protection for Magickal rituals.

3.  This is great to have if you are going to meditate, astral project or perform visualizations.  You can use it as a powder and “dust” yourself with it or you can use it as a chalk and make the sign of the cross on different areas of your body (back of neck, forehead, temples, hands, chest and bottom of feet).

4.  If you have psychic abilities (Mediumship, Empathic, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, etc), you can dust yourself or make the sign of the cross as previously mentioned, and it protects you from psychic attack and “energy vampires.”

5.  Cascarilla also keeps non-corporeal beings (spirits, ghosts, demons, etc) away from you!
*  If you feel like your home may be haunted, this would be a very good repellent (after a thorough house cleansing!!).  Be warned–if you have spirits around that you like talking to, you may find it more difficult to communicate with them!  Cascarilla does not discriminate between good and evil–it just provides a barrier between the physical and non-physical world.

6.  House protection (inside the home): use as a piece of chalk.
*  Going around the house clockwise, etch the sign of the cross on either side of the door, above the door and on the threshold.  When doing the windows–do above, below, and both sides of the window.  Do this with all doors and all windows of the home.

7.  House protection (outside perimeter of home).  Click the link for an easy ritual for the perimeter of your house: Protection for the perimeter of your house

There are several other uses for Cascarilla, but these are the main uses.
If you like, you can check back with me.  I’ll be adding directions for different cleansings, rituals, and purification rites, some of which will include the use of Cascarilla.

This is actual for the outside perimeter of your home.  If you live in an apartment, you can do it along all of the edges of the walls on the inside of your home, but I think you would find it difficult to do being that it needs to be a continuous line.  (You could try it though–any protection is better than no protection!)

Protecting the Perimeter of your Home:
* Using several cups of Cascarilla, walk outside.
* Facing the front door, close your eyes, take a few meditative breaths, and clear your mind.  (you are preparing to place a defensive wall around your home–visualize it!)
* Take the Cascarilla out of it’s container
* Holding the Cascarilla in your hand, begin by crushing a line across the threshold (bottom of the door).
* Continue the line from the threshold as you begin to walk clockwise around the perimeter of the house.
* you will continue to crush up the chalk as you walk; leaving a fine trail of dust as you walk.
* when you use the one piece of Cascarilla, stop walking, remove another piece from it’s container and continue the line where you left off before you start walking again! (this is important, because you are creating a “line of protection”–a barrier–around your home and it needs to be continuous.)
*   You will go all of the way around the home until you end up back at the front door.
* Say a note of thanks to your God for His Blessing & Protection (my belief system calls for “God.”  If your belief system calls Him by another name, the note of thanks is still in effect but you give thanks to your God(s)/Goddess)

Special Notes about this lil ritual:
* This ritual is best done after a house cleansing.
* With this ritual, you are creating a barrier.  Meaning: whatever is inside that house, is staying there until the barrier weakens and dissipates or other rituals are performed.
* No, rain does not effect this barrier.  The barrier begins physical but changes and makes a spiritual/energetic barrier.
* This barrier does not last forever.  Energy changes, the barrier will weaken.  Perform this regularly (just like with cleansings) to keep the barrier strengthened.  ** As you walk the perimeter, visualize creating a line of protection from all negativity, negative entities, poverty, sadness, etc.
* I say prayers as I walk the perimeter (but I am Catholic and, of course, we Catholics love our prayers!).  If your belief system calls God by another name and you have chants or prayers you use–speak them as you walk the perimeter.  It is up to you.  Your choice and your comfort level are in your energy and that energy is helping to provide protection for the home.
** Aside from visualizing the creation of a wall and saying prayers, I also think of allowing all that is good, happy, and prosperous through this barrier.  (and once I’m done with my line of defense, I’ll most likely take another mixture of herbs designed to bring wealth, happiness and love to my home and sprinkle it on top of the Cascarilla !).

If you have questions, feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to answer what I can 🙂

This is a great bath for the weekly cleansing of your personal energy.  Also, any time you feel drained, this is a good bath because it causes you to feel uplifted, peaceful and relaxed rather than stressed or weighted down.

This bath is also what I would call a “tool” for any ritual work performed since it cleanses one’s energy.  You do not want to be performing a ritual to bring money to you and yet be carrying last week’s energy of worry, doubt, fear emanating from your body.  Meaning, your personal energy would “cross contaminate” into the energy of the ritual you are performing.

Purification bath
* Run warm or hot water into the bath
* mix Holy Water, 3 cups of Cascarilla and ½ cup of pure honey into the water
* Clear your mind, enter the water.
* Meditative breathing is used during this bath.
*** During the bath, you will make sure you completely submerge 3 times.  If you have a small tub, you can use a wooden bowl to pour the water over you–making sure you completely cleanse (drench yourself) 3 times.
* During the bath, try to visualize all negativity being removed from your mind, body, and aura.  Then visualize a golden light being poured down onto the top of your head and around your body.
* Once you feel at peace (it is a different span of time for each person), exit the tub, drain the water.

Special notes about this ritual:
* It is best if you can “air dry” (no towel used, you dry when the air dries you) but it is not an absolute necessity.  If you do choose to use a towel, it needs to be a clean towel, preferably white in color, and that particular towel is only used by you and for this purpose.
*No, there is no worry about any of the items used clogging the drain.  As you will see when you do this bath, all of the items used dissolve completely in the water.
*Holy Water is purifying and is NOT just used by Catholics.  You can get Holy water by going to any Catholic Church and telling the office staff you need Holy Water.  They will give you access to their font, no questions asked.
* Honey is used for positive, happy energy.
* Cascarilla’s main purpose is to protect, but also brings positive energy. You can find an explanation of Cascarilla here: Cascarilla

So, basically, by performing this bath, you cleanse negative energy, place a protective barrier on your aura to help prevent negative energy from attaching itself to you, and you are magnetizing positive/happy energy to you.
Cool bath, huh?

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