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Example of an AWR

This is so you can have a visual example of an Automatic Writing Reading (AWR).
After the AWR example, I made some notes that go hand-in-hand with the example.  The notes have you referring back to different portions of the example and are to help make the explanations in the ‘How To‘ blog entry on AWRs more clear.  For me, it is always easier to grasp a concept if I have a visual example along with a written explanation.  Example: 

Sound rude
You wil lose much
Keep counsel
Wise words
They come
Noone knows
be as a squirrel
gather self
You don’t know road.
Keep faith, see much
Hold words back.
Those who will rise up will fail against you
Much is discovered
Ill thoughts ill deeds ill alliance (**saw a picture of two wolves hunting. Snow on the ground, trees around but only see the trunk–dark tree trunks.  Wolves are searching??  Feels like the wolves are searching for me, maybe??  They are definitely on the hunt for something! But I feel like I’m hidden from them even though I am close to where the wolves are walking.  Wolves are black or very dark in color).
No purchase against you
We see thy distraught mind
Walk in faith
The man who calls himself gold will fail
fall off his horse
Know this.
It will keep thee warm in days of sorrow
don’t talk
No one listens anyway, do they?
You will know the time to act.  Until then, be silent.
Take when time is ripe.
Do not dally or all will be lost.
Heed these words. You are marked for glory.
A bright path will come to thee.
They cannot put asunder what we have built though they will try
(***End of AWR answers here***)

Now.  This is part of an actual reading I did for myself many years past.  I cut & pasted the question and answer straight from my saved document.
Here is some personal info on me that relates to the AWR example above, so you can see just how much this particular AWR predicted:
At the time I did this AWR, I was working for a government organization.
I did the reading in early October.   In the last week of October, a new supervisor was thrown into my unit with no notice to anyone.  He had golden-blond hair & in March of the following year, during one of the times he threatened me, he actually said the words, “I’m the (head honcho’s) golden boy.  You want to complain, go ahead…” (refer back to: ‘the man who calls himself gold..“)
Within a month of Blond dude being my supervisor, I realized he didn’t like me, but neither I, nor any other member of the unit, could figure out why.  I hadn’t even known him before he came to my unit.  I was one of the top investigators in our agency and in my field, but this guy was constantly telling me how inept I was even though he had never even been an investigator.  It was weird.
By January, I started realizing that Blondie, along with the other supervisor in my unit (who had never had a problem with me before), were trying to get me fired.  Blond supervisor didn’t care who knew that he wanted me gone; he was just that blatant.  Those two supervisors were so focused on finding something to get me on, it was just …wild.   They ended up being partially successful; I transferred to another unit.  I left that agency two years later on my own terms.  As to the reasons why Blondie hated me–I later found out that he disliked women and he hated women who were outspoken, blunt and ‘aggressive’, even more.  And yes, I am very much a plain spoken person and no, I rarely held my tongue when I saw something was wrong.  The field I was in could be considered ‘aggressive’ by nature and very few women do that job.  There hasn’t been another female under Blondie’s supervision since I left his unit almost a decade ago.  So there ya go *shoulder shrug*.

*** What’s so bad is–the Angels had warned me of what would happen to me via this AWR before I ever even met Golden Boy.  Had I just went back and read this reading when “golden boy” first became my supervisor, those ‘wolves’ never would have even had the partial success they had.  It was my own lax attitude toward the AWRs and my over-confidence about my status and job security that allowed those supervisors the opportunity to harm me to begin with.  I’d been doing these AWRs for so long that sometimes, I would just do one, save it, and never even read what I wrote.  lol @ myself…I didn’t even think to look at any of my readings until after I was already in the middle of events that I no longer had the power to stop, even if I wanted to.  Hindsight is so 20-20!
So learn from my mistake–If you’re going to do an AWR, take time to dissect it, figure out different possible meanings, and then remember it for when it becomes relevant in the future!

I’m not going to put the whole reading out there, but with the info I gave on myself, you can go back through the auto reading and see where I was warned.  Pretty cool, huh?

Now, here are some other things to note about the AWR question and answer above:
* Notice that I addressed my question to the Angels.  This is just my personal preference.  The Angels talk to me (even when I don’t listen, lol) and the readings I give clients are done by going through the Angels.  Whatever your belief system is, address your question to that entity.  If you do not wish to ask another entity, you can say “Higher Self, what do you want…”.  If you do not know what a Higher Self is, it is your direct, personal telephone line connecting to the Supreme Being within your belief system.

*  Notice that some of the words are not actually spelled correctly in the AWR–like when I wrote “oar.”  The only word I initially heard was “oar” so I didn’t know if the Angels meant “oar”, as in a boat oar, or if they meant ‘or’, as in, this or that.  But you can see where the words “dont bee oar Sound rude You wil lose much” ended up making a coherent sentence when put together, even though it was 5 different lines in the AWR.  So this is what I meant when I was telling you not to worry if a strange/bizarre word popped into your head and to just write it down when you hear it and then move on–b/c it will make sense later.

* Notice that some of the words are misspelled.  And that’s okay.  No points are deducted for bad grammar or misspelled words.

* Notice that there are periods at the end of some words/lines but not at others.  I have no clue what this means nor do I know why that happens, but it always does.  The same thing happens with what appears to be random capitalization of words, apostrophes in words like “don’t” and with misspellings.  It’s one of my unique, individual patterns.  The more you do AWRs, you will notice that you have individual patterns and oddities, as well.

* Notice that some of the words are no longer in use in the 21st century unless we are performing a Shakespearian play–like thee, thy, or thou–and that’s okay too.  It’s also kinda cool when it happens, because that is pretty much irrefutable proof that you didn’t make up the reading that you ended up writing out.

* Notice the words I put in parentheses.  Here’s why:  because the automatic writing comes to you ‘automatically,’ without your conscious help, all of the words on the page are not really yours.  Those words belong to your Angels, your guides, or whatever deity you call upon to answer your questions for the automatic writing reading.  Even your ‘Higher Self’ would be considered a separate entity since it is separate from who you are (and what you know) consciously.  So when I want to add a personal conscious note, I put it in parentheses; that way, when I go back over the reading months or years later, I know what the Angels said, versus what I added in to the reading.

* Notice that the words in parentheses are actually the description of a picture that flashed before my mind’s eye as I was writing out the group of words next to where the parentheses start.  Some people will have pictures flash in their mind while doing these type of readings for themselves and others won’t.  If you do not get any pictures, don’t worry about it!  It could be because you’re not relaxed and/or experienced enough to realize the picture you saw, or it could be that you are more of an audio-type person, in which case you will always hear the words, but will never see them (different strokes, different folks, don’t stress over it).

* Notice that inside those parentheses, along with describing the picture, are the words “it feels …”.  That is because when I was seeing the picture, I felt those feelings in regards to some parts of that picture.  If you get feelings, regardless of what the feeling is, write it down.  So saying, if the word “storm” pops into your head, and as you are typing out the word ‘storm,’ you get a quick feeling of sadness, write down, “storm” (for some reason, when I heard this word, I felt sad).  After doing so, move on; wait for the next word or group of words to come and keep writing!

* Notice that the predictions you are given in AWRs are not plain-spoken, blunt warnings.  There is no, “there will be a blond man named _____ who will become your supervisor.  He is a petty man with a large ego and is the brother-in-law of the head of your agency.  He hates women and feels the need to compete with you.  He will try to get you fired just to show you and everyone else who is king of the hill!”
Yeah….those kind of blunt, lay-it-all-out-for-you answers are rare.  If you get one (and I have, rare though it’s been), pay the hell attention to it!!!  Now.  With this answer that I got from the Angels in the above example, had I been paying attention to what They were telling me, or had I even read over the reading after I wrote it (rather than just save the docu and close it out), I would have seen that there were some things I needed to ask another question about.  You can do that.  If, after going through your reading, you find you have a question about the answer, formulate your question to ask for details and start the AWR process all over.  I can tell you that doing another AWR to ask questions about answers is something that is better undertaken after you have some experience in AWRs.  Why?  B/c in doing AWRs, you unconsciously form a habit of being able to relax into that meditative state I was talking about–the state where you are not actively thinking, so the words that come forth for you to write down come from that Higher Source.  Because it is possible for you to consciously tell yourself words, but if you follow the steps I gave in the other entry, after doing a few AWRs, you’ll be able to tell the difference in when it’s you telling you to write down the word, and when the word just popped in your head out of the blue, with no help from your conscious mind.

Okay!  That’s all the “notices” I have to give you on the example.  I hope you’ve found them interesting and helpful!!  Please feel free to write to me any questions or comments you have.  I am always happy to help!
Peace & Grace to You!

oh, p.s.–in the example above, part of the answer was that I could take action if I wanted to.  If you’re at all curious (as I always am!), the action I could have taken was to sue the agency and the individuals for discrimination and harassment.  It was a clear cut case & all but one of the guys in my unit took me aside at different times to tell me that not only should I sue, but that they’d testify on my behalf.  (you think that was the Angels trying to show me the times when I would ‘know to act’?  I do.  There were other signs too, but those were pretty blatant signs).  Also, the bright light spoken of in the answer–I left the agency to pursue the spiritual work I do full time.  And no, they didn’t break me, though they damn sure tried, so the last line in the answer that says they cannot break what the Angels have built, was also correct.
So very interesting it all is, huh?

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