Spiritual & Magickal Tools For One And All

On your quest for knowledge you will hear many things from many people.  Some of these people are aligned with Truth and some are not.   Some of the information you find will directly contradict what you thought you already knew (or what you just read yesterday!).

With the computer age, there is a lot of information and misinformation out here for you.  So.  How do you know what to believe and what not to believe?  What’s right and what’s wrong?  What is harmful and what is helpful?  Well…my best advice is: If you listen to the voice inside of you, you’ll know.  No one knows what information you need, for the stage you are in (on your quest), better than your internal guidance system.

Whenever one is presented with Truth, one just...knows.  It just resonates inside of a person–almost as if that person’s soul is whispering to them, “there!  keep going that direction!”

I always tell my clients:  Never read just one book, or one blog, or listen to only one audio CD and form your life around that one author’s beliefs/belief system. Always take any information you gain from one person, and continue to seek out more information from other sources. No one human is the absolute authority though you will encounter many who will claim to be the one and only expert you should follow and listen to (coincidentally, society calls the more radical of these experts “cult leaders.”).  So be open to learning anything of import from each person you encounter.  Take in the bits and pieces someone offers that align with your Truth.  Thank and Bless the one who shared with you and keep traveling; seeking more knowledge elsewhere.

For those who really only want to jump into doing spells, astral travel, and the like without spending time learning the basics?  Well, first of all, you worry me.  You worry me because you remind me of me!  I have never been a rule-follower and I rarely read the fine print before jumping (because that’s just so damned boring, yeah?).  And being that I am a leap-before-I-look type of person, I’ve made some major FUBARs that took a lot of effort, upset, and help to clean up (and I won’t even go into the whole possessed-thing that lasted almost two years…).

Second, depending upon an individual’s personal level of power, if one tries to run without learning to walk first?  Well, that person is in for a shit-ton of freaky FUBARs.  Meaning: if you read the instructions for astral travel and try it before you’ve learned to ground and protect yourself, you can not only do damage to your spirit but, you can also harm your physical body (betcha didn’t know that, huh?).  And, if you decide to work a ritual (spell) without learning about grounding, protecting, cleansing, and a host of other no-no’s regarding spell casting, you could very well end up with the opposite results of what you were wanting to accomplish, and, you could end up with some nice, sweet chaotic and evil spirits who refuse to go away.

So, pretty please?  Even though it’s boring and not as much fun?  Learn the basics first.  The basics include learning to visualize and learning cleansing rituals and protection rituals.  I say these are ‘basics’ because you can’t do yourself any harm by practicing anyy of the aforementioned.  And working on visualization, cleansing, and protection is beneficial because it helps you become comfortable with everything you will do in the future that is complicated (and that could get messy!).  Even if you forget some steps, aren’t very focused, or totally concentrating, you really can’t mess up a cleansing or protection ritual.  The cleansing and protection rituals are essential for any spiritual or magickal endeavor.

To end and to ALL:  Always do research before you start any magickal or metaphysical rite.  Never let anyone talk you into doing something you are not completely comfortable doing!  Always listen to that internal voice you have that guides you.  Never let someone’s Ego convince you that you are “less than” others when it comes to metaphysical or magickal workings.  Ego has no place here.  Meaning:  If someone tries to tell you they are much further along in doing something than you are?  Cool.  That’s them.  You just do you; at your speed! Do not let their boasting (and that’s really what it is!) goad you into doing something that you’re either not ready for or that’s not right for you!  And for the love of all that is Holy, if you have any questions–ASK!  If you have asked the same question four times and yet you still have questions?  Well then ask a fifth time.  Anyone who would make you feel bad for repeatedly asking the same question is not someone who has anything to teach you.

If any information you come across feels “wrong” to you?  Well, it probably is wrong; in whole or maybe just wrong for you, personally.  So saying, if the information in the articles I write does not ’resonate’ with you, then the information I have to give is not for you.
And that’s okay.
There is nothing wrong with you, nor is there anything wrong with me.  It just means we are traveling different roads.  Do not stop your travels.  Do not stop seeking information and answers that resonate with you.  Your Truth will present itself.


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  1. This makes a lot of sense. I thank you for your bluntness and honesty.

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