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Cleaning Your ‘House.’

Going about our daily lives we all pick up invisible bits of energy from other people, objects, and our physical surroundings.  Feelers (aka: Empaths) naturally accumulate more energy than Mundanes (aka: non-Empaths or non-Gifted).  One could say a Feeler is a magnet for negative energy.  The more Gifted one is, the bigger magnet they are and the more negative energy they attract and by extension, the more negative energy they become weighed down by.  Gifted or not, every person gives off and receives a certain amount of negative energy.  Consequently, I believe every person can benefit by cleansing their aura of the energetic dust they collect.  If you are Gifted, cleansing your energy is as necessary as the basic life necessities of food, water, exercise and sleep.

There are many different ways to cleanse the “energy dust and dirt” you acquire merely by going about your day to day life.  Cleansing baths (aka: “Spiritual baths”) are excellent.  But there will be times when you are not in a position to be able to take the time for the bathing ritual.  I am sure there are many quick fix methods that require no tools.  What follows is a method I developed.  It works wonderfully, takes only a few minutes, and can be done anywhere (even in the bathroom stall at work).

First let me explain the concept and then the method:  To me, every person is a house.  You have the front door, the sitting room or foyer, and then you have the hallway with doors on either side that lead to different rooms.
The sitting room/foyer is where other people come in–by invitation or brute force–and leave bits of themselves.  This is where energetic dust and debris collects.
Other people do not get to go down the hallway or into the rooms behind those doors.  Those rooms are different, secret parts of you.
Explanation of what’s down the hallway & what is inside the rooms on both sides of the hallway isn’t important here because the sitting room is the point of what I’m about to explain.
If you can visualize that sitting room.
When it’s clean, the walls are a bright yellow, there are two windows that allow the sun to shine in, and the front door that you can open.  The baseboards, the crown molding, window frames, and door are a bright white.  There is no furniture—just a clean, yellow-gold and white space with shiny windows that allow the golden light of God (by whatever name you call Him) to shine into your space.
SIDE NOTE:  For some reason, I’ve always only visualized two walls—one window on one wall and one window with the door on the other wall.  My hallway is always on an unseen wall that is opposite of where my door is.   As an oddity that also might interest some more detail-oriented readers–it feels like my front door faces South, my hallway faces North, and the wall with only a window on it faces West.  I don’t know if those directions are the actual directions or not but it does feel that way (to me) and the design of my foyer has always been the same.  And I have no clue why I placed the door, windows, and hallway in those directions, I just did it.
*** You can visualize your house however you want.  Feel free to change the design/set up of the foyer/sitting room to your personal preferences.  There is no way to go wrong here as long as there is at least a window and a door.  (And PS: Your hallway of rooms?  It is going to be there whether you realize it in the beginning or not; you’ll just feel it there even if you choose never to walk down the hallway and explore it.  Rather cool, if you think about it).

Now, when you open the front door to your house?  There is no earth, no ground, no grass.  It is as if your house is floating in the Ether (what you may call the Astral Plane).  Just outside of your door is God and the Angels with Their cleansing fire for anything you throw outside–including your body!
So those are the details and description of the sitting room of your house when it’s clean and clear of the dust and debris other people leave behind.

Now.  Imagine that same sitting room but with a layer of soot on the walls.  The sheer, gauzy white curtains on the windows have become dingy, grey and are pulled together; covering the glass so no sunlight is getting in.  The windows themselves have a layer of dust.  There’s dirt and other junk on the floor from other people tracking shit in and leaving it there for you (wasn’t that nice of them?).
That sitting room is gross and icky and represents you–your aura, your spirit–after coming into contact with all of the people, objects, and places who left residual negative energy.  Who can feel light, fluffy, and energetic with that shit covering the place?  How can you relax and feel happy there?  Furthermore, anything positive and good will be more likely to avoid coming to visit your house!

If you can visualize the sitting room when it’s clean and then when it’s dirty?  You’re doing really good!

Okay.  Explanation done, now for the fun part!
Any time you feel bogged down, dirty with the residue of other people’s energy and/or negativity, or in a generally pissy mood, you visualize cleaning your sitting room.

First:  You throw some light on that depressing, dank sitting room by visualizing shaking out the curtains.  Throw the clean, gauzy curtains open and see the sunbeams of light coming in.
* If you can actually see the golden beams/rays of light, that’s even better.  If you can’t visualize this much detail the first few times (or even the tenth time!), no biggie.  With each time you try, what you can “see” in your mind will become more and more detailed. So relax and keep at it!)

Second:  Visualize a straw broom.  You take the broom and brush off each wall in the room–visualize seeing the bright yellow of the walls beginning to show through with each downward swipe of your broom.  Brush off the baseboards, crown molding, and window frames and visualize the crisp white of each.

Third:  Your floor is now even more dirty because you have the dust from the walls, curtains, and windows along with the dust and trash that was covering the floor.  So visualize sweeping the floor with that broom.  Gather all of the dust and trash into a pile.   If you can visualize the grey fuzzies, the brown dirt, the bits of black mixed in and see it all clearly in that pile, even better.  Again, if you can’t see it all clearly—practice, you’ll get there.

Fourth: Open your front door that leads out to God and the Angels (where that cleansing fire is and where nothing ugly or negative can exist).  Take your broom and “flick” the pile of nasty debris out the front door—watch the pile spark, catch fire, and disappear.

Fifth: Close that front door and take a deep breath knowing you are clean and free of the dirt others tried to leave at your house.

Your foyer is clean again!  Good things want to visit you!  You feel hopped-up, full of energy!  You’re thinking clearly again and can focus on tasks at hand, if need be!
Yay YOU!

Here is an extra step I sometimes take that is NOT necessary for you:  After I sweep that pile of dirt out and watch it go up in flames, I step out of my front door and stand in the Ether.  I raise both of my arms to either side, tilt my head back and visualize a bolt of white and gold light entering my forehead and traveling through my torso and all of my limbs.
* Whether I end my house cleaning with this extra step or not is never a conscious decision I make.  Some times I just do it and other times I don’t.  My theory is that my Spirit knows whether or not I need this and just acts (or doesn’t, as may be the case).
** After I take this extra step, there is always a feeling, a picture, and an action that happens TO me that I will not share here.  I will not share it because it is deeply personal to me and, because I am interested to see if you have a similar experience when/if you try this extra step.  If you do have something occur to you with this extra step, if you could leave a comment without leaving any details of what you experienced, I’d appreciate it and consider it your payment to me for sharing my method with you.

*** Happy House Cleaning!!! ***



My Advice to the Seekers of Knowledge:

On your quest for knowledge you will hear many things from many people.  Some of these people are aligned with Truth and some are not.   Some of the information you find will directly contradict what you thought you already knew (or what you just read yesterday!).

With the computer age, there is a lot of information and misinformation out here for you.  So.  How do you know what to believe and what not to believe?  What’s right and what’s wrong?  What is harmful and what is helpful?  Well…my best advice is: If you listen to the voice inside of you, you’ll know.  No one knows what information you need, for the stage you are in (on your quest), better than your internal guidance system.

Whenever one is presented with Truth, one just...knows.  It just resonates inside of a person–almost as if that person’s soul is whispering to them, “there!  keep going that direction!”

I always tell my clients:  Never read just one book, or one blog, or listen to only one audio CD and form your life around that one author’s beliefs/belief system. Always take any information you gain from one person, and continue to seek out more information from other sources. No one human is the absolute authority though you will encounter many who will claim to be the one and only expert you should follow and listen to (coincidentally, society calls the more radical of these experts “cult leaders.”).  So be open to learning anything of import from each person you encounter.  Take in the bits and pieces someone offers that align with your Truth.  Thank and Bless the one who shared with you and keep traveling; seeking more knowledge elsewhere.

For those who really only want to jump into doing spells, astral travel, and the like without spending time learning the basics?  Well, first of all, you worry me.  You worry me because you remind me of me!  I have never been a rule-follower and I rarely read the fine print before jumping (because that’s just so damned boring, yeah?).  And being that I am a leap-before-I-look type of person, I’ve made some major FUBARs that took a lot of effort, upset, and help to clean up (and I won’t even go into the whole possessed-thing that lasted almost two years…).

Second, depending upon an individual’s personal level of power, if one tries to run without learning to walk first?  Well, that person is in for a shit-ton of freaky FUBARs.  Meaning: if you read the instructions for astral travel and try it before you’ve learned to ground and protect yourself, you can not only do damage to your spirit but, you can also harm your physical body (betcha didn’t know that, huh?).  And, if you decide to work a ritual (spell) without learning about grounding, protecting, cleansing, and a host of other no-no’s regarding spell casting, you could very well end up with the opposite results of what you were wanting to accomplish, and, you could end up with some nice, sweet chaotic and evil spirits who refuse to go away.

So, pretty please?  Even though it’s boring and not as much fun?  Learn the basics first.  The basics include learning to visualize and learning cleansing rituals and protection rituals.  I say these are ‘basics’ because you can’t do yourself any harm by practicing anyy of the aforementioned.  And working on visualization, cleansing, and protection is beneficial because it helps you become comfortable with everything you will do in the future that is complicated (and that could get messy!).  Even if you forget some steps, aren’t very focused, or totally concentrating, you really can’t mess up a cleansing or protection ritual.  The cleansing and protection rituals are essential for any spiritual or magickal endeavor.

To end and to ALL:  Always do research before you start any magickal or metaphysical rite.  Never let anyone talk you into doing something you are not completely comfortable doing!  Always listen to that internal voice you have that guides you.  Never let someone’s Ego convince you that you are “less than” others when it comes to metaphysical or magickal workings.  Ego has no place here.  Meaning:  If someone tries to tell you they are much further along in doing something than you are?  Cool.  That’s them.  You just do you; at your speed! Do not let their boasting (and that’s really what it is!) goad you into doing something that you’re either not ready for or that’s not right for you!  And for the love of all that is Holy, if you have any questions–ASK!  If you have asked the same question four times and yet you still have questions?  Well then ask a fifth time.  Anyone who would make you feel bad for repeatedly asking the same question is not someone who has anything to teach you.

If any information you come across feels “wrong” to you?  Well, it probably is wrong; in whole or maybe just wrong for you, personally.  So saying, if the information in the articles I write does not ’resonate’ with you, then the information I have to give is not for you.
And that’s okay.
There is nothing wrong with you, nor is there anything wrong with me.  It just means we are traveling different roads.  Do not stop your travels.  Do not stop seeking information and answers that resonate with you.  Your Truth will present itself.

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